At Village RV our payments include 7-year warranty and taxes, but they don’t have to. Contact us today and let us customize a payment that fits your budget!

Consign Your RV

Spare Yourself the Hassle

Village RV wants to get you top dollar for your used RV. Our sales staff knows your time is valuable – having to deal with the marketing, negotiations and headaches of trying to sell your RV is something that you may want to leave to the professionals. Contact us today!

How does Village RV’s Consignment Work?

  • Asking and selling price will reflect current market value, determined by local and national sales history.
  • Village RV’s consignment commission is based on a percentage of the total sale price.
  • Village RV’s team of sales professionals works 6 days a week  ready to present your RV.
  • Village RV advertises consignments in our website used section, with pictures of your unit along with a brief description of the equipment.

If you’re thinking of consigning with Village RV, here are a few tips that we suggest to owners to help maximize the value:

  • Give your RV a thorough cleaning both inside and out
  • Fix any small problems. Village RV’s Parts Department is the largest parts department in Saskatchewan and will have what you need to get your RV in selling shape.
  • If your RV is motorized get the vehicle tuned up and the oil changed

Remember that first impressions are important when it comes to a major purchase like an RV. Getting your vehicle into the best possible condition will help you get more money.

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