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  • Published on Jul 31, 2017
    Best Places for Birding around Regina

    Did you know that the Regina area is a great region for bird watching? This is especially true during spring migration and well into the summer months. When you are out RVing, it can be fun to stop and watch the birds for a while to get some fresh air and stretch your legs. Here are some of our favourite places for bird spotting in and around Regina.


    A.E. Wilson Park

    This park is located in north Regina. You may see: brown thrashers, flickers, orioles, mourning doves, several finch varieties, cedar waxwings, vireos, loons, Clark’s grebes, gadwalls, mallards, blue-wing teals, northern shovelers, mergansers, merlins, black bellied plovers and many more.


    Wascana Park

    This park is great for walking as well as listening to and spotting birds. You may see: mallards, cormorants, loons, scoters, geese, gulls, sparrows, warblers and more.


    Qu’Appelle Valley/Craven

    If you head out here in early to mid May you can catch the bluebirds that nest in boxes along Route 99. You may see: cedar wax wings, tree swallows, eagles, hawks, turkey vultures and more.


    Buffalo Pound Provincial Park and Nicolle Flats

    This park is only 30 minutes outside of Regina. You may see: Horned larks, bluebirds, great blue herons, eastern phoebes, belted kingfishers, yellow-headed blackbirds, pelicans, osprey, eagles, western grebes, coots and more. *If you are lucky you alongside the marshy area, you may catch a glimpse of a sora – most often though, they are easier to hear.


    Wascana Bird Sanctuary and the Regina Waterfowl Park

    This park is open May through September and is just across from Conexus Arts Centre. You may see: The park is home to many water fowl such as snow geese, Canadian geese, mallards, pelicans and more. The surrounding area around the pond attracts a whole host of other birds such as: warblers, gold finches, house finches, brown thrashers and multiple other bird species.

    Happy Bird Watching from Village RV!


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